Young gangs, pay attention! You can perform on the big stage of the Skis Market


The organizers of the Skis Market are once again giving young adventurous bands the opportunity to perform on their big stage.

One of the biggest events of the year, which is renowned for bringing young people together with good music, excellent cuisine and Slovenian culture, it has the opportunity to stage alongside famous people young musicians play the names of Slovenian and foreign music scene as well. A call is open today for young musicians to apply for and have the opportunity to play on the main stage of this year's Skis Market . Who will appear will be known in the final selection 24. on March 2020 in Prulcak.

To appear on the largest student events in Slovenia you can register from 12. February 2020 until March 6 2020.

Conditions for applying for the call:

The team needs to participate in 23. The Skis Markets meet the following conditions: at least 3 original compositions; at least 1 recording – demo recording of the original song; capable of at least 30 live minute performances; at least half of the group members must have a student or student status.

Applications are submitted via the online form:

The Expert Commission will be by 13. March 2020 selected the two most promising groups to compete with each other at the final pre-selection in Prulcak. 6th to 13. and a Facebook vote will take place in March, through which another group will secure a place in the final election!

“Sisysol will crown his winner with the help of a professional the jury and the audience attending the event. The group that will most convince the visitors and the expert committee will be guaranteed a performance on the large stage of the Skis Market 2020! ”

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SOURCE: Slovenian Student Club Association