You can now measure the level of hazardous radon in your living quarters for free


The systematic review and implementation of radon measurements for the year has begun 2020.

For the third year in a row, the Radiation Protection Administration of the Republic of Slovenia has been providing radon measurements in private homes and apartments in those municipalities, located in areas with more radon and in schools and kindergartens across Slovenia. The Swedish company Radonova is taking measurements in private homes and apartments this year. However, the number of measurements is limited.

The Radiation Protection Administration of the Republic of Slovenia finances 365 Radon measurement by Radonova Laboratories AB, a leading global provider of passive radon detectors.

Measurements are taken with passive detectors, which are 60 – days to maximum 90 – days placed in the lounge . The detectors are returned to the contractor and the values ​​are read out in a certified laboratory of Radonova Laboratories AB. A measurement result report will be sent to your contact address. You can apply HERE.

Citizens whose residences meet the tender requirements can apply for the program and belong to one of the municipalities where measurements are taken. These municipalities are: Bohinj, Borovnica, Bloke, Brezovica, Cerknica, Crnomelj, Divača, Dobrepolje, Dolenjske Toplice, Gorenja vas-Poljane, Gorje, Grosuplje, Hrpelje-Kozina, Ilirska Bistrica, Idrija, Ig, Ivančna Gorica, Jesenice, Kanal, Kocevje, Komen, Kostanjevica na Krki, Kostel, Logatec, Loska dolina, Loski Potok, Metlika, Mezica , Miren-Kostanjevica, Mirna Pec, Mokronog – Trebelno, Mozirje, Nova Gorica, Novo mesto, Osilnica, Pivka, Postojna, Radovljica, Ribnica, Semič, Sežana, Sodražica, Straža, Škofja Loka, Trebnje, Tržič, Velika Lasce, Vrhnika, Vuzenica, Zirovnica and Zuzemberk.

PHOTO: Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Radiation Protection

Radon (14223446 Rn) is a radioactive noble gas produced by the decay of uranium, which is naturally present everywhere in the earth's crust. It is free of color, odor and taste. Due to the relatively long half-life (3, 82 days), The most important radon isotope is considered. This time is long enough that the part of the radon formed in the earth's crust can reach an atmosphere where it is rapidly diluted. Average long-term concentrations of radon in the air in Slovenia are between 10 and 25 Bq / m3. However, when radon enters a building on its path, it can begin to accumulate in it so that concentrations reach a few hundred or even several thousand Bq / m3. You can read more about radon and its health effects HERE.

The systematic screening program is designed to identify exposure to radon in living spaces located in the basement (partially dug in walls) or on the ground floor (non-basement or basement dwelling) or other premises (eg high ground floor, first floor) where average annual radon concentrations can be expected to exceed the reference levels. The aim of the program is to raise awareness of the adverse health effects of radon. Radon is the second most common cause of lung cancer after smoking.

The Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Radiation Protection has for many years provided regular inspections of facilities intended for the implementation of educational, cultural, health or educational programs (kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, boarding schools, hospitals, health centers, etc.).

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The type and extent of measurements are chosen so that the exposure of workers or individuals from the population can be estimated and the need for measures to reduce exposure assessed. Each year, the measurement provider shall prepare a report presenting the measurement results and findings. Measurements are being carried out this year by the ZVD

It should also be noted that measurements in areas with more radon in residential buildings are advisable, and in companies in these areas, according to the Ionizing Radiation Protection Act and nuclear safety mandatory. The law requires employers to 20. 2021 make measurements of radon in workplaces. , star, Radonova Laboratories AB,