With an investment worth 3.4 million euros, Sij Metal Ravne is expected to curb red dust emissions


The inhabitants of Ravenna in Carinthia have for many years been disturbed by the occasional release of red dust clouds with a metallic odor from the steel company Sij Metal Ravne. The company ensures that the dust is non-toxic. This year, the steelworks are projecting a comprehensive dust removal project with an investment of € 3.4 million.

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“The citizens are regularly warned about red dust emissions by the municipality,”

, Mayor of the Municipality of Ravne na Koroška told the STA Tomaž Rožen , recalling that the municipality therefore included this issue on a daily basis last June order of municipal council meeting. “That's when we got assurances that this will be fixed,” added Pink, , which expects forecasts to materialize.

The company Sij Metal Ravne, a member of the Slovenian Steel Industry (Sij), acknowledges that there are occasional releases of dust generated in the steelworks at the UHP furnace. “These are occasional scattered red dust emissions, which are most often caused by emergencies in steel production or unforeseen failures, which we try to rectify immediately,” the production director at Sij Metal Ravne explained to the STA Alojz Buhvald.

He assured that the dust was non-toxic and that the dust discharges were mainly non-harmful iron oxides . However, he agrees that it is a very disturbing color of dust, giving the impression that something is dangerous. He explained that every uncontrolled discharge was detected, they immediately carried out an analysis and additional measures.

He also ensured that the steelworks regularly carried out permanent dust measurements at the dusting plant and periodic measurements of emissions of substances in the air. “All measured parameters are in accordance with the prescribed limit values, which means that we operate in accordance with the IED environmental permit, formerly IPPC,” he explained.

The Shining Metal of Raven has been in environmental solutions from 2012 to

invested approximately € 1.6 million, half of these funds for the remediation of diffuse emissions. The company plans to invest even more this year. It is a project of a comprehensive solution for dust removal in a steel mill.

“In the year 2019 we have prepared a study of a complete solution for dusting the steelworks, which also covers the construction of a new dusting plant. It is an investment of € 3.4 million. The implementation of the investment will take place in several stages, including during the annual overhaul, and is expected to be completed by the end of the year, ” revealed Buhwald.

Otherwise, 2018 inspections were carried out at the company regarding permanent measurements of dust and occasional measurement on the dusting device. No checks were detected in any of the reviews.

In the year 2019 but we had seven inspections in different areas. The inspectors inspected the operation of Sij Metal Ravne within three months in the light of the requirements of individual legal provisions and the environmental permit. Environmental and spatial monitoring revealed no irregularities, ” added Buhwald.