Unofficial: Korotsi is also on a Japanese cruise line quarantined by a coronavirus


A Japanese Princess Diamond cruiser quarantined in Yokohama, Japan, was diagnosed today

. new cases of coronavirus, STA reports.

As we have reported many times, it also has six Slovenians who, according to assurances, MFAs feel well and are in regular contact with the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Tokyo. According to our unofficial information, which we received from various sources, there are also four Carinthians among six Slovenian citizens.

The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Tokyo is in constant contact with Slovenian citizens, who are on the ship. Their condition is good and they have no health problems. They follow the instructions given to them. The Slovenian Embassy will continue to monitor the situation and provide assistance to citizens (providing medicines, etc.) by agreement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed us.

A Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantined in Yokohama, Japan has been diagnosed with the coronavirus

. new cases of infection, the Japanese Ministry of Health announced for STA today. The total number of infected people thus increased to 135. Six Slovenian citizens on board are healthy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

On board the quarantined ship by 300 . These are three pairs of adult Slovenian tourists who, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are in constant contact with the Slovenian Embassy in Tokyo. Their condition is good and they have no health problems and follow the instructions provided to them, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said today. The Slovenian embassy will continue to monitor the situation and assist them by appointment.

The Japanese authorities ordered the Diamond Princess cruise ship to enter Japanese waters earlier this week 14 – Daily quarantine, as one of the passengers who disembarked in Hong Kong last month was infected with the virus.

As reported by the Japanese Ministry of Health today, tests 103 were obtained from people of whom there were 65 positive. According to the ship manager, these are mostly Japanese nationals, but include Australians, Filipinos, Canadians, Britons and Ukrainians.

When the ship is with passengers and crew arrived in Japan, authorities tested almost 300 people. Then, dozens of those infected were gradually evacuated to local health facilities. In recent days, testing has also been extended to newly diagnosed people and those in close contact with infected passengers or crew.

who remained on the cruise line should be in the cabins and allowed on deck only for a short time. They must wear masks when leaving cabs and keep distance from other people. They also obtained thermometers for regular monitoring of body temperature, according to STA.

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Source: MFA, STA