These are the consequences of today's strong wind, which also covered Carinthia (PHOTO and VIDEO)


The stormy weather that is causing inconvenience across Europe has also hit our places today. Strong winds with heavy gusts, especially in the eastern half of the country, were clearing roofs, tearing down trees and, consequently, causing problems in traffic and electricity supply. At Podvelka, a tree fell on the Dravograd-Maribor road in the morning and buried the driver, writes STA. that the differences in air pressure are large. That is why a very strong wind is blowing over the whole of Europe, causing problems all over Europe in recent days.

VIDEO: Posted on by Amadej Krepek . In Zavrh, in the northeast of Slovenia, more precisely on the Maister Tower. The highest measured gust of wind was 110 km / h, which is for this end

The wind was strongest in our country today, especially in the north-east of Slovenia, where gusts in some parts of the country even reached the lowlands at close to one hundred kilometers per hour. Therefore, the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia is in the northeast of the country from about 8 to 01. the clock declared a red weather warning. In the afternoon, gusts of wind were already blowing.

A strong wind had caused the death early in the morning. On the Dravograd-Maribor road near Podvelka, at about 5 o'clock a tree fell on a vehicle, 40 – An annual driver died at the scene. The tree was also damaged by a vehicle of workers who had previously removed the fallen trees before the accident. None of them were injured. You can read more about the accident HERE.

Because of the danger of another tree being knocked down and other trees being eliminated, the road was 02 hours closed to traffic, from around 13.

This was not the first tragic accident on the Dravograd-Maribor road, which occurred in the area of ​​Podveljina municipality after or after a traffic accident. This time, the accident happened about three kilometers from the scene of the accident, when it was most likely due to the heavy rainfall 13. October 2018 on the same main road rolled a rock and buried two people in a car underneath.

However, strong winds today have been discovering the roofs and tearing down trees especially in Podravje, Celje and Carinthia, traffic has been and still is obstructed on several roads. Among other things, a rock collapsed on the Frankolovo-Stranice route, colliding with a bus that was fortunately without passengers. The driver was not injured in the collision. The trees collapsed on vehicles in Slovenske Konjice and in the Luč area.

PHOTO: Strong winds knock down trees and discover rooftops in the Muta municipality. Intended by PGD Muta firefighters.

  • PHOTO: PGD Muta
  • PHOTO: PGD Muta
  • PHOTO: PGD Muta
  • PHOTO: PGD Muta
  • PHOTO: In the municipality of Mislinja, a strong wind knocked down several trees and discovered the roof of an apartment building.

    • PHOTO: PGD Mislinja
    • PHOTO: PGD Mislinja
    • PHOTO: PGD Mislinja

    There were more than in the Elektra Celje area in the middle of the day customers without electricity supply, the number later dropped. In the afternoon, customers in the vicinity of Jurkloštar, in the area of ​​Poljana in Mežiška valley n Soldier and. against Pag Kozjak. Several local roads have been closed in Mežica due to the fallen trees. The roof of Mezica Elementary School was also damaged.

    PHOTO: Mezica – Black Road. Photo by Miha Obrez

    According to the Celje branch of the Protection and Rescue Directorate, a strong wind in the morning, among other things, discovered the roofs at 12 houses in the territory of Slovenske Konjice municipality, as well as on one barn and on a business premises. In Velenje, the wind damaged the roofs of six houses and one barn, in the Zreče area it found roofs in six houses and two outbuildings, in Šentjur, the roof was discovered at the library, and a strong wind also exposed the roofs in several other municipalities.

    Due to problems in electricity supply, water supply problems also arose in the settlements of Teharje, Vrhe and Šentjungert in the municipality of Celje and in the entire Dobrna municipality.

    In the area of ​​the Lower Podravje, volunteer firefighters and other responsible persons intervened in the area 19 interventions. Among other things, they took away about one hundred square meters of tin roof at the internal ward of Ptuj General Hospital. According to Director Anica Uzhmah, , after the wind blew in the afternoon, the roof for the force was repaired. Security 14 patients and staff in the internal ward after she was not threatened by the unlucky event. Damage is currently rated around 19. $ 0.

    Otherwise, in the area of ​​Elektro Maribor in the morning without electricity, it was slightly less than 2018

    Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Food, who is running the business, Aleksandra Pivec convened a crisis meeting with representatives of the Forest Service and representatives of the Ministry's expert services in light of the extreme weather, and will later review the situation on its own.

    The damage caused by the strong wind in the forests is expected to be known in the coming days. However, the Forest Service warned that work and any other movement in the forest during these windy days was extremely dangerous. Staying in the forest is therefore not recommended. Last week, two people died while working in a private forest and at least two were injured. The drivers also cautioned drivers with extra caution.

    Cyclones over the North Atlantic and northern Europe are relatively common in the winter half, with such stormy weather especially for Western Europe and places in the north it's not very unusual from the Alps. However, this windy weather does not always reach us, meteorologist Brane Gregorcic described the stormy weather.

    VIDEO: Published on Video author: Melanie Kuschl . Such is the situation in some places in northern Austria and southeast Germany. The video comes from the Mühlviertel region, northern Austria. Extensive windfalls are reported at exposed sites.

    The violent storm of Ciara, which first caused considerable damage in Britain and Ireland, has spread to much of Europe and caused problems throughout Scandinavia, Germany , Austria and Belgium. It also claimed at least four deaths and more injuries. Air, rail and road traffic continue to be hampered by the storm.

    In some places, the consequences are still being resolved, with firefighters and other competent services at work.

    Source: STA, SPIN