The US will evacuate its citizens from a Japanese cruise ship. By what time will the Quarantines be Slovenes?


The US government will evacuate its citizens from the Diamond Princess cruise ship anchored in front of the Japanese coast and which has confirmed more than 200 infections with the new coronavirus. The charter plane will take Americans from Japan to the United States, the US Embassy in Japan said today.

Along with the Americans, they will also be flown to the US families. The plane will be sent on Sunday, when it will land in the US, but it is not known, it is only known that they will land at Travis Air Force Base in California, according to French news agency AFP. Evacuees will need to stay in the US 14 for quarantined days.

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“Passengers will be screened for symptoms and we work with Japanese partners to ensure that passengers, who show symptoms received appropriate treatment in Japan if they are unable to board the plane, ” wrote in a letter sent to US citizens aboard the ship.

The Japanese Ministry of Health announced today that after testing 217 ship was diagnosed with 67 new cases of coronavirus. With the new cases, the total number of infections on the cruise line has increased to 285.

There have been more than 3700 people on the cruise ship since the beginning of February, more than who were infected with the new coronavirus were transported to hospitals for treatment. There are six Slovenian citizens on board, among whom, according to unofficial yet reliable information, are four Korošci . The quarantine for the ship will last at least until Wednesday .

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According to the American University , John Hopkins , following the trend of infections, has so far infected the world with more than 67. 000 people died 1526 and healed 8354. According to the latest data, only China 1523 has died from coronavirus, and so far it has infected 66. 492.