The interior ministry will lease two garages in Dravograd


The Ministry of the Interior will lease two garages in Dravograd for two years. You may submit your tenders by March 4 2020.

The Ministry of the Interior has announced its intention to conclude a direct contract for the award of two garage for rent at Vič 22, Dravograd. Two garages measuring 17 m2 and 138 are for rent , 6 m2. Garages that are free of electricity and water are rented out as a whole for a fixed term of two years. The lease agreement may be terminated at any time under the agreement of the parties. with cancellation. The notice period is 30 days.

The rental quotation for the garage must not be less than 113, 24 Euro excluding VAT or. from 138, 15 EUR VAT included. However, tenderers must submit their tenders by March 4 2020 at the latest: Ministry of the Interior, Stefanova 2 Street, 23110444 Ljubljana

Costs borne by the garage tenant: basic fire insurance, ongoing maintenance of the garages, cleaning of the garages, access to the garages and a proportionate part of the compensation for the use of building land. If more than one equal offer arrives within the deadline, the Ministry of the Interior will conduct additional negotiations in order to increase the rent.

You can find all additional information HERE