The Housing Fund announced the purchase of apartments and land for the construction of apartments


In today's Official Gazette, the Republican Housing Fund issued a public call for the purchase of apartments and land for construction of dwellings throughout Slovenia. The spending of the program 15 of millions of Euros, which will be provided by the Fund from its own resources, is foreseen by the end of the year 2023.

The Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia has invited individuals, legal entities of private and public law and the local community to submit tenders for the sale of groups of apartments and apartment buildings and land suitable for the construction of residential buildings throughout Slovenia. The program will be open until funds are used up. by the end of the year at the latest 2023.

The Fund has identified which apartments it will then lease are suitable for redemption. He will buy them where there is a demand of natural persons for affordable housing and interest in renting. In particular, those with good traffic links and close to basic social infrastructure and supply activities will be considered appropriate.

Price excluding VAT per square meter of living space “with adequate energy efficiency and construction and technical characteristics” will not be able to exceed EUR 1850 in Ljubljana , in Koper 1700 euros, in other municipalities 1500 euros and in other municipalities 1380, they stated.

The Fund expects binding bids for the purchase of flats or land where priority will be given to communal and regulated land, on the prescribed form, including all necessary and required documentation. The Fund will make its decision within the 30 days from the date of completeness of the offer.