The government has rejected the appeal of SB Slovenj Gradec, which will have to repay almost 600,000 euros


At a correspondence session, the Government today issued decisions rejecting the appeals of four hospitals: Slovenj General Hospitals Graz, Trbovlje General Hospitals, Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospitals Kranj and Celje General Hospitals – against the decisions of the Budgetary Control Office of the Republic of Slovenia, which ordered the hospitals in November last year to repatriate the unspent part of the budget.

Year 2020 was accepted Act on emergency measures for ensuring financial stability of public health institutions , founded by the Republic of Slovenia. The Act provided for two types of measures: one-off assistance (immediate transfer to cover past losses and write-off of certain claims) and general remediation . “As one of the one-off measures, the law also provided that public health institutions that year 2016 ended in loss, receive a one-time transfer of 80% loss, with The appropriations received are intended only to cover outstanding but yet overdue invoices to suppliers and to repay debt. “

Budget Inspectorate UNP In the case of the above hospitals, it found that part of the funds received had been spent by non-purpose , and therefore ordered the Slovenj Gradec General Hospital to reimburse around 595. 251 Euros , General Hospital Trbovlje approximately 190. 807 Euros, Gynecology Hospitals about and obstetrics Kranj 122. 166 euros, and the General Hospital of Celje has a refund of approximately 924. 087 Euros into the state budget.

The Government has found that the complaints from hospitals unfounded and that the contested decisions are correct and substantiated by law , and that the appellants used part of the funds received under the aforementioned law contrary to its purpose.

“Taking into account that the ZIUFSZZ does not directly set the date of unpaid obligations, the LPG correctly interpreted the intention of the legislator to fund public health institutions when interpreting the law Measures for the rehabilitation of the operations of institutions shall, in accordance with the purpose of the Act, end with the date of receipt of the funds,

. 11. 2017.

The Government considers that the position at first instance was taken in the inspection procedure, that the received funds may have been used for liabilities due by the date of receipt of the funds properly and does not constitute a violation of the provisions of the Intervention Measures Act to ensure the financial stability of public health institutions . According to the Government, such an interpretation of the law is correct, since the funds were not provided at the time of its enactment and the law could not be fully implemented by then.

The Government in the decision it also explains 'that one-off measures aimed at financial rehabilitation of a public health institution cannot last indefinitely. It is therefore clear from the very purpose of the law that one-off remediation measures end with the receipt of funds. On the basis of the above, the Government decided to reject the appeals of the four hospitals. “

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