The first suspected coronavirus infection in Carinthia


What can happen so quickly that a coronavirus can also occur in Carinthia, Carinthian Radio reported today. In doing so, they said that a call to a health center and later to a hospital, a person returning from Japan, caused some discomfort with the staff and, above all, the appropriate measures.

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As Carinthian radio pointed out, the disease is suspected coronavirus small. The person concerned is KoroŇ°ica, the health workers spoke on the phone and did not show any signs of coronavirus disease, Carinthia Radio states.

However, they will take the appropriate measures agreed upon and prepared in such cases when suspicion arises. The person is quarantined at home, where professional services will also check for a small suspected coronavirus.

The protocol of conduct requires that when coronavirus is suspected and the patient does not show any disease signs, medical facilities are taken and the patient is referred for quarantine. However, if a patient shows severe disease signs, they are referred to the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Ljubljana, where they are properly equipped for the first 20 of any infected patients .

Carinthian radio has also been told that they expect a proper press release from the hospital.

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