The deadline for entry of children into the Ravne Kindergarten is March 10


It has been reported from the Ravne Kindergarten that enrollment for children from the age of eleven months will be held between

2. and 10. March 2020 .

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Will Be Constructed on Ravne Before you decide to enroll your child in a particular unit, you may also attend an Open Day. At the time of enrollment, Ravne also organizes activities where children and parents get to know the kindergarten, playground, casinos, accompanying rooms and staff of the kindergarten.

Open days will be held in the afternoon:

      at the Levi Devje Unit on March 3 2020 at . 30 hours,
    • at the Buckwheat Unit on March 4

    , ob 16. 30 hours and

  • at the Solzice Unit on March 9 2020 at . 30 hours.

Enrollment will be held every working day from 8 a.m. to 15. hours, Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 15. 30 hours, at the premises of the office of the consultant in the Solzice unit, Čečovje 7 / a.

The registration form can be obtained at the Kindergarten website HERE or at the counseling office of the Solzice Unit, Cecovje 7a and the Kindergarten Administration, Cecovje 12 a. However, you can submit it personally to a counselor (Solzice unit) or send it by post.

It is desirable to submit the application in person, as this gives you the opportunity to interview and share important information. , they also reported from Ravne Kindergarten.

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