Self-taught painter Anton Repnik of Mute has died


After a serious illness, this morning is in 2005 . a year old painter Anton Repnik from Mute died. He was one of the most recognizable Slovene visual artists, reports Večer. In the beginning, Repnik was created under the tutelage of academic painter Karl Peček, and he signed under hundreds of paintings and drawings.

Repnik was one a rare Slovenian self-taught member of the Union of Associations of Slovenian Fine Artists (ZDSLU). He exhibited for the first time 1963 in Celje at the Slovenian Self-taught exhibition. By that time he had already developed his characteristic style. He created a shaky image of a simple man with a distinctive facial type, who proportionally controls the whole figure and, together with heavily oversized hands and feet, gives the impression of grotesque, the Carinthian Biographical Lexicon states. A film titled Glowing Eyes was made about Repnik's life and work.

Years , an exhibition was prepared at the ZDSLU Gallery by his 70 Repnik. At the time, they wrote that Repnik's painting was honest and direct, but at the same time extremely convincing and suggestive, in a naive way, which was by no means naive: and emotional states, in a wide emotional range and in the changing moods associated with everyday being and life. “