Public auction for building land in Radlje ob Dravi


The Ministry of the Interior has announced an auction for the sale of building land in Radlje ob Dravi.

There is a parcel property available for public auction. no. 737 / 7, k.o. 804 Radlje ob Dravi (building land) measures 1. 930 m2. The asking price for the property is 58. 000 Euros. This amount does not include the real estate sales tax paid buyer. The minimum amount to be raised is 200 euros.

The auction will be public 10. on March 9th 2020 at 9am at the Ministry of the Interior, 2 Stefan Street, Ljubljana.

The representatives of the auctioneers or auctioneers who will be present at the public auction must, before the public auction begins, give the commission written authorization to participate in the public auction and provide it with a personal photo ID.

The property is for sale on a “seen-bought” basis, so any complaints from the public auction will not be considered. From the land use certificate no. 35010 – 0021 / 2019 – 10 of 20. 11. 2019 implies that the property is a building land for basic purpose, after a more detailed use, the Spatial Planning Unit (EUP) belongs to EUP RA 40, IP – Manufacturing Areas.

From the Certificate of Land Use no. 35010 – 0021 / 2019 – 10 of 20. 11. 2019 it follows that the Municipality of Radlje ob Dravi has, pursuant to the Decree determining the area of ​​pre-emption right of the Municipality of Radlje ob Dravi (MUV, No. 24 / 03) pre-emptive right to the property; – The municipality of Radlje ob Dravi issued a certificate no. 35015 – 0026 / 2019 – 10 of 20. 12. 2019 not to exercise the right of pre-emption on the property.

All necessary information about the public auction and You can find the conditions of cooperation HERE.

TEXT: Ministry of the Interior