Police officers are especially rushing to the next offenders this week


European harmonized tightening of controls is underway this week in most European countries, including Slovenia. trucks and buses.

Honey 10. and 16. February 2020 Police officers will pay particular attention to violations related to driving time, mandatory rest and breaks of drivers, manipulation of

Attention will also be paid to correctly loading and securing loads and overloading vehicles.

IMG 5745 senp tovorna

Of course, they will also permeate other road traffic offenses, which can cause serious consequences in road accidents (speed, safety distance, incorrect overtaking, side and driving direction etc.).

Purpose t. i. Truck & Bus actions is to reduce the number of violations of road traffic rules by truck and bus drivers in the carriage of goods and passengers.

Tighter controls on trucks and buses will take place twice more this year 20. and 26. July and honey 12. and 18. October 2020.

Text: police.si