On Tuesday, some were surprised by the hail. What time does St. Valentine?


On Friday, St. Valentine, who has a key to the roots. Sv. Valentine's Day is also said to be the first spring in agricultural tradition, since 2020 . started working in vineyards and gardens in February. It is the day when nature begins to awaken and prepare for the coming spring, and gardeners start picking seeds and preparing the earth. But given the weather this year, it may be that winter has not yet said its last.

An old saying goes, “If February is too hot, we'll be in April for a stove.” Above all, the elders like to say that “the solemn the green, the glad it dries.” What weather will be in April is still unpredictable, but we can say that it will be cloudy in Valentine's day, according to the weather scientists. The day is also supposed to have passed without a hail which surprised quite a few Carinthians on Tuesday.

PHOTOGALLERY: The hail on Tuesday surprised many Carinthians.

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The area of ​​high air pressure above Central Europe is slowly s labi. Through the Central Europe and the Alps is moving the weather front that will cross our places at night. We have warm and humid air ahead of it with the southwest.

It will be cloudy at night, most of the country will be transiently suspended, only in northern and northeastern places it will be mostly dry. Snowfall will be about 1000 m above sea level.

It will be clear on Friday morning, some fog will initially be possible. It will be pretty clear throughout the day. The north wind will blow in the afternoon. The minimum morning temperatures will be around 0 in the northwest, anywhere from 3 to 7, the highest daily mostly 10 to 15 ° C.

It will be sunny on Saturday, and occasionally there will be occasional northeast cloudiness. Even Sunday will be mostly sunny. The southwest will blow, in some places in the west it will empower itself. It will be partly clear on Monday, mostly cloudy in the east. It will be raining occasionally in western places.

Forecast for Neighboring Landscapes: At night in the neighboring provinces of Italy and Croatia there will be transient rainfall, especially along the Adriatic, with individual storms. It will be mostly sunny on Friday, except in Croatia it will be cloudy in the morning with some rain.

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