News! The EviDEnca Student Job Web Portal to help young people demonstrate work experience


From now on, students and students will be able to collect and demonstrate data on their work experience and acquired competences through the EviDEnc Student Workshop web portal . The portal will also allow for more effective monitoring by making the data available to the Labor Inspectorate and the Financial Administration. The Employment Service will also have access to them.

The system of records was built by the Student Organization of Slovenia (ŠOS). At the presentation of the portal, SOS President Klemen Peran said that the organization believed that there would be less, with a single, effective and broad control over student work abuse. He also emphasized that competency records are important mainly because 44 percent of total student income is straight student work and scholarships are only eight.

Project Manager Marko Ruperčič said that the most important purpose of data collection is the management of knowledge and experience , which an individual obtains through their completed student work. At the same time, the project also aims to improve the implementation of controls, monitoring of planning and management in the area of ​​the labor market, since the data from the records will also be available to the Labor Inspectorate and the Financial Administration.

According to Rupercic, the development of services and measures will be improved in this area as well. Ruperčič says that the project is also important for scientific research and statistical purposes.

The record of student work enables the collection of data on the competences acquired by a student or student through work. Competences are determined on the basis of a standard classification of occupations.

For each type of work, students can choose the competences they acquire through their work. In addition to the vocational-specific, they can add transversal competencies. The individual thus selects the competences from the set, and for each job they are defined from 20 to 100.

According to Ruperčič, in addition to the competency data, the database also collects information on calculated referrals, which they are provided by student services. Five student services out of nineteen are currently sending data to the records “so these data are currently incomplete and complete.” In the SCO, they are working to All student services would send the data as soon as possible, but this was a “complicated process”. In addition to all of the above, the register also collects data from the central population register, and the organization is currently awaiting association with the records of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.

Secretary General of the SCO Aleksandar Spremo said that they have been working on the project at SCO since 2014, at the end of the year 2017, they were also given public authority to establish and keep records of student work. “With this public mandate, the legislature has obviously entrusted us with one important task, of which we are also proud,” he said. SCO has contributed funds for the record 160. 000 Euros, 133. 000 The organization has received EUR from the European Social Fund.

According to the President of the SCO, they will be most happy to use the records by the students as they will This way you can present your experience and competencies to your employers and make it easier to get the right job.