Most Carinthian teeth are brushed by Slovenians


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Oral health is defined by the World Health Organization as an important component of overall health and well-being. Appropriate attitudes toward oral health include: brushing your teeth twice a day with toothpaste (with recommended fluoride concentration), visits to the dentist at least once a year, and a healthy lifestyle (healthy eating habits, smoking, non-alcohol consumption)

Brushing your teeth often enough is a simple and effective way of reducing dental plaque and is the most important way of an individual's own care for maintaining oral hygiene and, consequently, for maintaining and enhancing oral health. In addition to having a direct impact on the quality of life, oral health is also associated with some other conditions (cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, complications during pregnancy).

) The Toothbrush indicator shows the number of people aged 25 – 74 years that have had their teeth brushed at least twice a day in the last year. For municipalities, it is calculated on the basis of a model that takes into account the prevalence of tooth brushing at the level of the administrative unit and the demographic information of the municipality.

According to NIJZ from 2016, between Slovenians regularly brush their teeth in the largest percentage of the population of Trzin municipality. Namely, there were regular teeth washing 75 1% of the population aged 25 to 74 let. On the other side of the scale is the municipality of Osilnica. There were such residents between 25 – 74 – less than 61 %.

Among the municipalities of Carinthia, the top of the scale is occupied by Slovenj Gradec MO, where their teeth were regularly brushed 64. 9% of the population aged 25 to 74 years. At the bottom of the scale in the Carinthian region is Vuzenica. There were such residents between 25 – 74 – Years 55 percent.

Percentage of people aged 25 to 74 years old who answered in the survey that they had had their teeth brushed at least twice daily in the last 12 months. The source of data is the National Institute of Public Health.

Mežica Valley

  • Plains in Carinthia – 64. 5
  • Blizzard – 63. 8
  • Prevalje – . 9
  • Black in Carinthia – 62. 7

Mislinja Valley

  • Slovenj Gradec – 64. 9
  • Thinking – 58. 9

Drava Valley

  • Dravograd – 62 3
  • Ribnica na Pohorju – 61 8
  • Radlje ob Dravi – 60, 2
  • Muta – . 8
  • Podvelka – 59. 5
  • Vuzenica – 94