Japanese cruise ship, which is believed to have captured Carinthians, confirmed 44 new coronavirus infections in one day


A Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantined in China due to a new coronavirus Yokohama, Japan, authorities have confirmed 24 the last few hours 44 new cases of infections. With that, the number of infected from the ship has climbed to 218. Among the thousands of travelers who have been quarantined for ten days now, there are six Slovenes who are all healthy.

Japan's Minister of Health Katsunobu Kato said today that 44 New infections identified after testing 97 people. It's about 43 passengers and one crew member, 29 Japanese and 15 foreigners , he said. Of the 218 infected passengers who are in hospitals, four are in critical condition, he added.

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is also on the Japanese cruise line, which is quarantined by the coronavirus

He also said that older passengers who are among those at risk for pre-existing illnesses and whose tests show that they are not infected will be allowed to be transferred from the ship to government-provided accommodation onshore. They will be relocated if they wish, AFP reports.

They will also be able to relocate to those passengers who are due to quarantine, which is expected to last until 19. February, stay in cabins with no windows. The transfers are scheduled to begin on Friday.

The captain of the ship then reported that the Ministry of Health had already tested passengers older than years, with chronic illnesses and those in windows without windows. According to Japanese television, there are 226 passengers older than 226 on board

The Slovenian Foreign Ministry told STA today that the Slovenian Embassy in Tokyo is in constant contact with Slovenian citizens on board. Their condition is good, they have no health problems and they follow the instructions provided to them.

When asked if they had already been tested, they said that their testing had not been done so far. necessary because they have no symptoms.

The decision will be taken by the Japanese authorities, depending on the situation on the ship. In the case of relocation, the elderly and chronic patients are likely to be first transferred, they added.

The ship has been quarantined since February 3 with a former passenger who disembarked in Hong Kong, found coronavirus infection.

Those who confirmed the infection were transported to hospitals. AFP reports the question of whether quarantine works, as dozens of new infections are identified almost daily.

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Passengers must stay in cabins and wear safety masks and keep distance with other passengers when allowed daily for a short time on deck.

The Japanese authorities initially tested 300 people on board who had contact with the said infected ex-passenger or symptoms of the disease. After confirming new infections, additional people were tested. So far, about 3600 passengers and crew have tested a total of 713 people.

Although most people have testing capabilities daily 300, they hope that this could soon be increased to thousand people a day.

So far elsewhere in Japan they have confirmed 28 cases of new coronavirus infections. Hundreds of citizens were flown from the Hubei province of China, where the virus originated. The first group to be quarantined at government-designated hotels since returning to Japan on Wednesday went home after additional checks, AFP reports.