Intensive care units filled at UCC Ljubljana, nine killed due to flu


UCC Ljubljana has been hospitalized so far this season 450 influenza and 300 respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) patients. Intensive care units are full. Nine flu and five RSV patients died. Deaths are only among adults, some children have had very serious complications.

Head of the Hospital Infection Prevention and Control Unit of the University Clinical Center (UKC) Ljubljana Tatjana Mrvic explained at today's press conference that intensive care units were discussed 45 of patients with flu and 36 with RSV.

According to her this year's flu season is at its peak, with patient numbers steady in recent days. Almost half of the patients admitted so far have been children, preschool and school children. Now, the number of patients older than 94 years of age is rising among hospital admissions.

Tatjana Lejko Zupanc, Head of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Fever Conditions in Ljubljana, explained that about one-third have influenza A (H1N1) subtype, which causes a more severe course of illness in younger children. Thus, they have already significantly exceeded the number of patients compared to last year. “I don't remember a year when children would get so sick,” she said.

It is true that Slovenia is now the only one with such high morbidity in neighboring countries, but in her words “one must be first” . He predicts that other countries are likely to follow. This dimension may be avoided in the UK, where there is a higher proportion of vaccinated children, healthcare professionals and the elderly for influenza.

There were no children admitted to the pediatric clinic. nobody vaccinated against the flu, Mrvic explained. But according to her parents this year started thinking massively that they would vaccinate the baby in the coming season, especially when they saw severe complications.

The main complications in children included pneumonia and fever. cramps, there were also some neurological complications, said the expert director of the pediatric clinic Marko Pokorn. More hospitalized were under two years of age. However, they also had children with very severe illness and are being treated in the ICU. One child had to undergo surgery on Tuesday, and one kindergarten child had to be connected to the extracorporeal bloodstream due to a weakening of the heart muscle.

Lejko Zupančeva also explained that all intensive care units are filled at the moment. An additional ten beds have been set up at the Vraz Square Epidemics Department, all occupied. “The plant is very fast. Sometimes someone goes home too soon, “ she added.