In the “Basket of Cities” for the promotion of Slovenia also Radlje ob Dravi


One of the main goals in preparation for Slovenia's Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second half of the year 2021 was also the design of you the concept of a “basket of cities”, with the ultimate goal of long-term universal promotion of Slovenia from an economic, tourism, scientific and other point of view. The guide also presents the Municipality of Radlje ob Dravi.

The Town Basket was prepared by the Task Force on Coordination of Preparation and Implementation Presidency of the Council of the European Union, in cooperation with ministries and other stakeholders and local communities. The local communities responded positively to the invitation and recognized that together and in cooperation they could achieve more for Slovenia.

Purpose of the guide

The purpose of the guide The Basket of Towns is to keep events that take place during the Presidency at sub-ministerial level, can be carried out in different locations throughout Slovenia. Destinations that will provide a companion program whose components will be natural and cultural heritage or sights, cultural program, promotion program and economic and scientific program have been identified and formulated with the help of local communities.

The guide presents the natural and cultural heritage and sights of Radelj ob Dravi:

Municipality of Radlje along the Drava is working with Pro Silva Slovenia, which is committed to sustainable, sustainable and multifunctional forest management. Last September, the permanent bilingual exhibition Forestry in harmony with nature – Forestry and harmony with nature , which placed Slovenia and Slovenian foresters at the top, opened at the Mahrenberg Castle in Radlje ob Dravi forest management. The foundation stone of the Center for Sustainable Forest Management was also erected in September.

Both events took place at the International Meeting at the Jubilee Conference at the 30 anniversary of the founding of Pro Silva Europe in Radlje ob Dravi, under the motto: “Forests the future, from science to people. ”. The whole meeting was marked by the connection and cooperation between Pro Silva, the Pahernik Foundation and the local community, as well as with the Carinthian Regional Museum, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, the Ministry of Culture and other institutions. They also wrote that the municipality also has its own municipal forest, where it consistently maintains a sustainable and sustainable forest management.

It is established in the Municipality of Radlje ob Dravi A Pakernik establishment that manages 552 hectares of forests that cover the northern slopes of Pohorje between Vuhred and the summit of Velika Kopa. The estate comprises rich habitats of mixed forests of fir, spruce and beech, and the forests are distinguished “natural regeneration, low-surface mosaic structure of stands, above-average timber stock, high quality assortments and excellent openness with forest roads.” Management is economically viable, managers have a keen interest in nature conservation and are open to visitors.

“The Municipality of Radlje Along with the Drava, as an accompanying Rad'mam Green program, it can organize a sightseeing meeting that will present good practice for guests to live with natural resources and use them for tourism, while safeguarding their livelihood for further generations. The meeting will cover all of the following. “ is written in the Town Basket.

A guide that will be supplemented by the presidency as needed. , is especially prepared to assist all those who will participate in the organization of events under the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union .

Guide City Cart can be viewed HERE.

SOURCE: GOV.SI and City Cart