In February we got a new coworking space in Carinthia


KMKC The complex opened its doors in February with a coworking space called Meet'n'Work.

The month of February brings news to the Carinthian Youth Cultural Center Kompleks. Namely, they have opened the doors of coworking space for anyone who would like to rent a place for work, meetings, workshops…

A case of project or. a way of working that allows individuals, entrepreneurs, associations or organizations to share their workspace. Thus, they reduce the cost of renting a space that is basically free of charge, while hoping that participants with spontaneous networking gain new experiences, ideas, enter new or even joint projects.

The Meet'n'Work space is intended for daily renters, who secure their place by pre-booking. They offer facilities and wireless wi-fi. It differs from other coworking spaces in that it is aimed at all activists or. to anyone who wants to create in any field – culture, art, entrepreneurship, music, literature…

Coworking space Meet'n'Work is suitable for individuals, sole proprietorships, small businesses, societies, organizations, musicians, creators … Anyone who is interested in more or wants to rent a space is asked to report to: [emailprotected] .

Dorian Plevnik (Director of KMKC Complex) said: “We have been playing around with the idea of ​​making the Complex more lively during the week and coworking the Meet'n'Work space seemed to us the most appropriate solution. “

”What matters most to us is that it becomes a place for young people, young entrepreneurs, activists, who are at the beginning of their entrepreneurial path and a place for different societies, institutions and individuals in need after the realization of new ideas and projects, but they have no place to meet and realize those ideas. I hope that in the future our Meet'n'Work space becomes a community. “

Text: Doris Brajnik – KMKC Complex