How did the Carinthian forests endure the winds?


According to the data collected so far, the strong wind, which caused problems mainly in the north-east of the country on Monday, did not cause any damage to forests in Carinthia. more damage was reported to the STA by Branko Gradišnik, Head of the Slovenian Regional Unit of the Slovenian Forest Service .

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According to data from the regional unit of the Slovenian Forest Service, individual trees were cut down in Carinthia on Monday, mainly in areas where forest stability had been affected in the past. More accurate data on the amount of trees that will be cut down will be known in the coming days.

On Monday, the strongest winds in Carinthia caused the most problems in the municipalities of Podvelka, Muta, Mežica and Mislinja. The wind blew up some of the roofs and tore down trees and, as a result, hampered traffic, problems with electricity supply were in some areas in Radlje ob Dravi and in the Mežica Valley.

In Mežica, where, due to the wind rampage, the municipal civil protection headquarters was activated, today the authorities and locals are eliminating the damage caused to buildings and infrastructure. The local roads, which have been closed due to the fallen trees, are already open and normally transported.

At the Mežica elementary school, where some roofing was discovered by the wind, lessons are underway today. normal. Today, the roof will be inspected by the roof and started repairs, explained Blaž Šaloven , director of the municipal administration of the Mežica municipality . He further explained that it is still too early to estimate the damage after a hit in the municipality, but fortunately, according to initial findings, it is not too high. “We will probably be able to measure it in the few thousand euros,” added Schaloven.

A tree that fell early on Monday morning on the main Dravograd-Maribor road near Podvelka was buried beneath 52 -year-old native. The road was closed to traffic 13 for hours, and is still there, according to the National Highway Traffic Information Center

The strong wind this time seems to have spared the forests of Carinthia. However, this was not the case in December winds 2017, when more than was damaged in Carinthia. . 000 cubic meters of wood, and in the October wind farm 2018 who was injured in Carinthia 140. 000 cubic meters of trees, mostly in the area of ​​the local unit of Black in Carinthia, almost . 000 cubic meters.