FTPO students choose the best recipe and prepare the material for making containers at Plastika Skaza (PHOTO)


There are many studies that say that the role of an engineer is no longer limited to effectively addressing technical challenges. In addition to mastering basic engineering knowledge and specific competencies in individual fields, graduates will have to master many soft skills or general competences (critical thinking, communication, public speaking, problem solving, project work, etc.)

Thus, one of the key strategic goals of the Faculty of Polymer Technology is: “To train graduates for the challenges of the future in a rapidly changing world.” How can students acquire these competencies? Among other things, by presenting the substance in a different way and by working with companies on projects as early as their studies.

The Faculty of Slovenian Studies has been involved in this field for many years, working very closely with industry and involving students in research work and various projects with industry. With the help of the funds of the development pillar of MIZŠ financing, years ago, they began to actively develop concepts and innovative methods in the compulsory part of the study program.

By the year

, through the analysis of the current situation and good practices in Slovenia and abroad, wanted to come up with a new concept of introducing active, of collaborative and experiential learning, to train and motivate higher education teachers to introduce them, and to start piloting active / collaborative / experiential learning in at least 5 courses at FTPO.

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According to the planned measures, they are already in the academic year 2018 / 2019 have prepared the first concept of introducing project collaborative learning on the topic “Recycling of waste plastics in the company Kolektor”.

In cooperation with the company Kolektor The students of the 3rd year of the 1st year Polymer Technology study program were tasked to combine the practical seminar work of the 3rd year full-time students in the subjects of Polymer Engineering and Polymer Processing Technologies.

In the framework of seminars and laboratory exercises in both subjects, students explored the possibilities of using industrial waste plastic from Kolektor as a filler for a thermoplastic matrix. Thus, in addition to basic engineering knowledge and specific competencies, they also had to apply general competencies, such as interdisciplinary and critical thinking, the ability to communicate effectively, public speaking, problem solving and project work.

This year's project of students of the 3rd year FTPO is being created in cooperation with their co-founder and close partner company Plastika Skaza Ltd. Within the compulsory subject Polymer Engineering a specific challenge was presented to students by the company »Development biocomposite material intended for contact with food “.

With the aforementioned guidelines, students distributed a challenge, reviewed the literature, prepared an experimental design, prepared biocomposite materials and assign them properties. The students selected the best recipe to prepare the material for making the dishes at Plastika Skaza.

Expiration and the results of the project will be presented by students for representatives of Plastika Skaza doo, students and employees at the Faculty of Polymer Technology

. 2. 2020 ob 13: on the premises of the Faculty of Ozars 13 in Slovenj Gradec.

The faculty believe that good cooperation examples between companies and higher education institutions have a positive impact on all stakeholders. Businesses gain new knowledge and learn about potential staff, students acquire additional competencies that are crucial for successful work in this fast-changing world, in addition to theoretical knowledge. development challenges.

With engineers and other employees of Plastika Skaza doo they have been working very well ever since the founding of the faculty, both in research and development and study. With their expertise and analytical equipment, they help them to meet the challenges.

Since mutual cooperation also aims at developing the potential of future engineers and introducing modern forms of teaching, they are together in the year 2019 designed the first innovative project / study room that allows students to this, creative team / project work in a relaxed environment that encourages the development of many soft and general competencies.

Text: FTPO