Flu increase: In Carinthian pharmacies there is a problem with the supply of medicines


Influenza is probably at its peak or just before the peak of the season, we were informed from the National Institute of Public Health of OE Ravne in Carinthia , where it is expected that the influenza virus circulation will decline in particular during the school holidays. In most cases, patients from our region have laboratory-proven type A influenza, and in some cases type B. influenza

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When asked how many Carinthians were ill with the flu, we were told that influenza and other acute respiratory infections were monitored on a sample of the population through a network of primary care physicians, each “On the basis of monitoring the occurrence of acute respiratory infections and influenza, we have seen an increase in the number of patients with influenza and other respiratory infections in recent days, including in Carinthia. During the fifth week, as usual, the highest incidence of influenza and other respiratory infections was observed, and the trend was slightly decreased in week 6. “

Both pre-school and school-age children are ill in our region, some schools are reporting an increased absence of children, and kindergartens are also seeing an increase in outpatient visits. We now have sporadic cases in the adult population , ”they explained at the NIJZ OE Ravne na Koroškem.

You can find the report on weekly influenza monitoring HERE.

The most effective protection against influenza is vaccination. Flu vaccine is still available, ask for your vaccination at your outpatient clinic or call the NIJZ outpatient clinic.

Therefore, with the question of whether unofficial statements about this are true, we also addressed the aforementioned pharmacy, from which we were informed that the syrup was currently in stock, candles. Paracetamol, however, does not have and at the moment does not even know when they will get it.

A problem with the supply of medicines has also been confirmed at the Ravne Pharmacy in Carinthia, where they say that the medicines are currently in Carinthia not yet run out, but they have problems with suppliers. “ If we do not have a cure for Lek, it is available from Krka. We work hard, combine supplies with other pharmacies and work with doctors. ”

We learned that both candles and syrup are currently in stock. “However, we have a lot of problems with the delivery of certain syrups and candles for children, but we strive to always have something on the shelves, if there are no candles, it is definitely a syrup, they explained and added that There is no difference in the composition of the aforementioned medicines, only in the way the child takes the medicine or how it is given. ”

pharmacies in Carinthia strive to make available one of the listed medicines in each unit. Above all, the aforementioned medicines are available in emergency pharmacies (Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenj Gradec, Radlje ob Dravi). “Of course, it can also happen that something is running out.” Therefore, all parents are advised that if the child is really sick that he or she will not last until the morning

They also have emergency pain medication for emergencies. However, in the Ravenna pharmacy, which supplies emergency medication on Ravne, they emphasize that for really urgent cases when a child has e.g. heat cramps or unbearable pain…

It should also be noted that, after seeing STA, pharmacies have long since run out of the most commonly prescribed cure for fever in children over six years of age. . The estimated delivery time is, as explained by STA in Ljubljana Pharmacy, only 20. March.