Due to the effects of high winds, road closures and problems with electricity supply


The effects of high winds have many problems in the supply of electricity. At night, there were major power outages in the Zreče, Apache, Lendava and Ivančna Gorica areas. Some of the problems have already been resolved by the competent authorities, but the problems can be expected today during the day. Arso has declared a red threat to the northeast of the country.


According to the forecasts of the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (Arso), a strong southwestern wind will be blowing today, which will reach speeds of 497679040950001 to 100, and in higher positions of eastern Slovenia also via 100 kilometers per hour . The wind will be weak in the evening. For northeastern Slovenia, Arso for today is between about 8 and 12. Due to the forecast of strong wind, a red weather warning was issued, an orange weather warning was issued for the rest of Slovenia. electricity 863 customers. Electricity supply is disturbed in the area of ​​Letuš, in the area of ​​Lendava or. in Gaber, at night, customers 274 were affected by the outage. In the Zreče area, customers 134 remained without electricity in the middle of the night, and the employees of the competent electricity company

Much damage was caused by wind in Slovenska Bistrica, where several volunteer firefighting societies were activated to help those affected, and problems were also caused in the far northeast of the country. Thus, in the wind, he partially discovered the roof in Beltinci, and in Borec and Ljutomer he knocked down trees on the road.

Last night is around 23. hours on Jurčičeva Street in Višnja Gora in the municipality of Ivančna Gorica, an electric pole was burnt, which then broke and fell on nearby cypresses. Firefighters extinguished the fire, there were 1709 households in the area without electricity supply, and the workers of the electric company continued to troubleshoot

In the area covered by Elektro Maribor, all available teams are currently in the field, aiming at eliminating defects or .

Damage to the electricity distribution network is caused by very strong winds with intense gusts, so the area is declared red. degree of threat. According to Karin Zagomilšek, a spokeswoman for the company, there are currently just under 7000 customers without electricity, mostly in Ptuj with

The Directorate for Protection and Rescue reported that they were at night due to high winds 13 municipalities recorded so far 15 events. The wind was mainly tearing down trees and discovering roofs of buildings, and in the Podvelka area it also claimed the life of a driver after a tree fell on his car.

There are also problems on the roads. Due to the fallen trees and the aforementioned accident, it is estimated that 15. closed the national road Maribor-Dravograd near Podvelka for hours. Detours for private vehicles are possible along the Lovrenc na Pohorju-Ribnica-Vuhred road.

The Styrian motorway is closed in both directions by the Polskava rest area and the roads between Rogla and Resnik are closed as well. Stingers and Dravograd in Paki near Velenje.