Due to “increased interest”, the fifth tender for the sale of the Roman well has been extended


The municipality of Ravne na Koroškem is by 25. February extended the deadline for the submission of tenders for the purchase of the Rimski vrelec complex in Kotlje. The tender commission decided to do so because of the “increased interest in viewing real estate” and because the municipality had not received any offers by the beginning of last week. A new bid opening date is set for 27. February.

This is the fifth tender by the municipality of Ravne in the last ten years. This time she set a starting price of 300 in the tender. 000 Euros excluding tax. In the previous tender, published in the beginning of last October, such amount was also prepared to pay for the Rimski vrelec complex in Kotlje by tenderers who submitted two tenders which, out of the four tenders, met the formal tender conditions.

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The Special Commission is pending The two tenders, according to the terms of the tender, evaluated in greater detail which tender collected the most points, but were not disclosed in the municipality. The municipality closed the procedure with no choice, as some legal ambiguities arose and lawsuits were announced.

This tender has further elaborated the tender and criteria for evaluating applications remains the same as in the previous call, only slightly changed by the county. According to the criteria, the Special Commission will evaluate the planned investments, the contents offered, the number of jobs created and the timeframe for the implementation of the investments and putting into operation. As in the previous tender, the maximum amount offered 50 out of a total of 100 possible points is the amount of the purchase price offered.

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If the municipality did not extend the deadline for the submission of bids within the current call for tenders, the public opening would be today, and now this is foreseen 27. February at 11. hours in the meeting room of the municipality of Ravne.

The Roman springs complex in Kotlje covers 01. 000 square meters of land with hotel and ancillary facilities, green spaces, parking and a well with a spring healing mineral waters. The complex, which is located in an attractive location at the foot of Uršlja gora, has been decaying for a long time, the catering part of the complex has been closed since the year 2002. The municipality wants to sell the complex to someone who would primarily set up and develop a tourist business in the area.