Do not miss the deadline for enrollment in kindergarten in Prevalje and Montenegro


A notice on the enrollment of children in kindergarten for school summer 2020 / 2021. The deadline for enrollment of children in Kindergarten Črna in Carinthia is also awaiting.

Kindergarten Prevalje for the school year

/ 2021 (in the unit Tailor Trousers and Nursery Bodies) will run from 2nd to 13. March 2020. The sign-up application 2020 / 2021 is available HERE and can be obtained from both kindergarten units and the kindergarten bookkeeper. It is EMERGENCY that you must attach the completed Questionnaire 2021 / 23110444 to the application form , which they need in the case of over-enrolled children, when the adopted children have to decide on the adopted children.

You are also invited before the enrollment to speak with the child on days an open door awaiting you at the Tailor Trousers Nursery unit on Tuesday, March 3 2020 at

. 00 and on Monday, March 9 2020, right so at 17. 00. At the Lesha Kindergarten unit on Thursday, March 5 2020 at

. 00.

For more information, please contact Assistant Principal of Kindergarten Ani Buhvald Pori: e-mail: [emailprotected], daily from 8am to 371 . hours at phone number 0 40 509 371 or in person at the Kindergarten Pantyhose Unit.

You can read more about Prevalje Kindergarten on their website or in a leaflet prepared for their parents before this year's enrollment. You can find it HERE.

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By 14. In February you have time to enroll your child in the Kindergarten King Matjaž Črna in Carinthia, which operates as a unit at the Črna elementary school in Carinthia. Find out more about the nursery HERE.