DeSUS has announced priorities for joining the government, weighing around two billion euros


DeSUS has announced the priorities for which it requests a timetable and funding when it enters a program government. They are valued at around two billion euros in term. Most of them relate to the field of health care and care for the elderly, including the establishment of a ministry without a portfolio or a government office for demographic issues.

SDS Champion Janez Janša is in the second round of negotiations for forming a coalition of SDS, SMC, NSi and DeSUS on Thursday assessed that a majority coalition could be formed as far as content was concerned. The sum of the priorities of the potential partners shows that they see the problems very similarly. At first glance, Janša estimated that there was no money for everything anyone could want.

President of DeSUS Aleksandra Pivec on Thursday noted that DeSUS is an essential program. If at least the first few priorities are not adopted and they are not assured that they will be implemented financially in two years, the negotiations will end.

Their list is first and foremost the stated preservation of effective, quality and accessible public health care. Reduction of waiting times and complete overhaul of the Health Care and Health Insurance Act by abolishing supplementary health insurance while drafting and adopting the Long-Term Care Act.

They want a guarantee for the creation of a demographic fund for the long-term sustainability of the pension system and the protection of state assets. They point out that pensions due to the lack of regular reconciliation between years 2010 – 2015 are still lagging behind 5.6%, therefore, in their view, it is essential to determine the dynamics of the extraordinary adjustment of pensions.

They require a shorter transitional period to raise the current percentage of pensions to

, 5 percent, raising the minimum pension for a full retirement age above the poverty line, reimbursement of seniority entitlement for full-pensioners, payment of an annual allowance in accordance with the systemic law, and regular and extraordinary coordination. They also want the regulation of widows 'and peasants' pensions and a guarantee that the acquired entitlements of the pension beneficiaries will not be affected.

The requirements in the field of care for the elderly are more specific, namely the completion of homes. for the elderly in Vrtojba and Osilnica and at least two new homes for the elderly from public funds.

Priority is given to the adoption of a land policy package and a comprehensive overhaul of the Agricultural Land Fund, increasing self-sufficiency in deficit areas, overhauling the co-operative system and drafting and adopting a co-operative act amendment.

DeSUS stressed that they are also preparing for early elections when negotiating for a new government. Recording procedures are already underway and the Chair is visiting the Provincial Committees.