Carinthian libraries receive books in the Book Donate campaign


Austrian Ambassador Sigrid Berka and President of the Mohor Company in Klagenfurt Ivan Olip donated books to Slovenian non-governmental and non-profit institutions in Slovenia and the Central Library of Slovenes in Croatia in Karlovac on Sunday at the closing event of the charity campaign Donate Books in Ljubljana authors

Books in Total Value 50. 000 Euros have been awarded to organizations active in the social, cultural or educational fields, the Austrian Embassy in Ljubljana said. .

The Ambassador stressed the importance of reading books, and the President of the Mohor Society in Klagenfurt said that this time the center of gravity was in the Carinthian region, as they celebrated last year 100 – the year of the relocation of the Mohor Company from Klagenfurt to Prevalje. “ We are proud that with this campaign, the Mohor Company in Klagenfurt can continue to fulfill its mission of consolidating the Slovenian language and preserving the culture,” said Olip .

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The book package in the form of a voucher was received by the Association of Friends of Youth of Slovenia – ZPMS, Institute Back to Horse – Family Center Kidricevo, Slovenska karitas, Janko Kersnik Elementary School Brdo – Krašnja Branch School, Mežica Elementary School, Franja Golob Prevalje Primary School, Šentanel Local Community, Carinthia Central dr. Franz Susnik Ravne in Carinthia – Mežica Unit, International Society Bridge of Freedom – Freiheitsbrücke – Freedombridge Maribor, Ivan Goran Kovačić City Library – Central Library of Slovenians in Croatia and Association of Native American Kočevari

This year's campaign will feature 2000 copies of a wide variety of books to help readers learn about the new and the different. At the same time, books are also an incentive to read and contribute to enhancing the culture of reading, the embassy wrote.

In a campaign that, with the participation of the Republic of Austria – the Office of the Federal Chancellor and the Mohor Company, Klagenfurt has been running since 2002, so far various Slovenian non-governmental organizations and institutions have been donated through 40 copies of books. The recipients are non-governmental organizations operating in Slovenia, as well as various Slovenian societies outside its borders.