Attention, at least 13,500 inspections will be carried out this year


Inspectorate of Environment and Nature, Building, Surveying and Housing Inspections, operating within At least 40 will be implemented by the Inspectorates of the Environment and Spatial Planning this year. 500 inspections. Twenty targeted campaigns will have more than 2000 controls.

Between the objectives and tasks of the inspection work and the way of achieving the goals set by the Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Environment and Spatial Planning in the Strategic Guidelines for the year 2020, there are also 20 directed surveillance actions in areas where, in the experience of inspections from previous years, showed the need to introduce such controls or areas in which the compliance of taxpayers with the regulations, eg. due to the introduction of new requirements in the legislation, or in cases where a greater risk of non-compliance with the legislation is detected by the risk assessment.

Actions are taking place simultaneously across the country, are limited in time and have clearly defined content. For each action, the starting points and goals are defined and work orientations are prepared for managing procedures and actions, so the priority of the actions is the systematic control of each area of ​​work, obtaining feedback on the enforceability and the degree of implementation of the regulation, and unified control and action.

Construction Inspectorate is in flight 2020 set up six targeted campaigns. Two are aimed at preventing unauthorized construction or unauthorized construction. In one campaign, construction inspectors will check whether the construction or building under construction and for which the inspectorate has not received an application, obtained a building permit, or whether the facility complies with the issued building permit, and in the second they will carry out controls on the construction of the buildings, which have been alerted by the initiative.

This year, they will also carry out an action of control over the installation of construction products, in which inspectors determine whether a construction contractor supplies and installs exclusively construction products that are fit for intended use, have been placed on the market in accordance with the regulations for the placing on the market of construction products and the conformity of which is certified by the relevant documents of conformity.

The directional control action on the registration of the commencement of construction will be directed to control whether the construction for which

Within the framework of the control over the work of participants in the construction of the facilities, the prescribed registration of the commencement of the construction shall be carried out on the basis of the complete application, the prescribed documentation. believed that the participants in the construction of the facilities meet the statutory requirements for the performance of their work (investor, contractor, supervisor, etc.), or that the construction for which the application for the commencement of construction is prescribed is carried out on the basis of a complete application and the prescribed documentation for the execution of construction.

The purpose of a targeted action to supervise the construction, use and fulfillment of the essential requirement of universal construction and use of facilities in use is to prevent the use of facilities without usable permits, ensuring that the essential requirement of universal construction and use of facilities is met, determining whether facilities provide accessibility to the built environment, eliminating existing built barriers and preventing new barriers from being built.

Geodetic inspection will carried out two control actions: an action of control over geodetic companies, which will be aimed at ensuring compliance with the conditions of companies and individuals employed therein for the geodetic activity, and an action of control over the recording of real estate in the building cadastre and the real estate register in the year 2020 to provide There is greater legal certainty for property owners, real estate investments and real estate investments, the real estate market and fair taxation of real estate.

Housing Inspection will carry out, during the year 2020, actions to supervise the administrators, the operations of home sellers and one-dwelling buildings, and the regular inspection and maintenance of lifts in multifamily buildings. With these actions, the Housing Inspectorate seeks to ensure that managers comply with the provisions of the Material Regulations, that proper maintenance of common parts in multi-dwelling buildings is carried out, as well as the responsible and legal operation of home sellers and one-dwelling buildings in the sales phase to individual buyers.

A focused control action on cross-border shipment of waste, carried out by environmental inspectors together with representatives of the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia and the Police and foreign supervisory authorities, in particular at border crossings, will continue.

The action of tightened controls on holders of environmental permits will be continued, carried out jointly by environmental inspectors of the Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Environment and Spatial Planning, Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Protection against Natural and Other Disasters, Office for Chemicals and Energy Inspectors of the Inspectorate for Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia.

Environmental inspectors will also carry out, in cooperation with the police, a surveillance action in the in her natural environment. Priority will be exercised in areas with nature conservation status. In January, environmental inspectors already carried out a targeted action on the management of municipal waste packaging by public waste collection service providers.

Since the year There is a problem of accumulated quantities of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) with public service providers, this year the Inspectorate of Environment and Nature will carry out an action to control the five holders of the joint collection plans and WEEE treatments for the year 2018 and year 2019. Environmental inspectors will also carry out a control action on the Centers for the treatment of mixed municipal waste packaging.

As the Water Management Plan is in the Danube river basin district for the period – 2021 (NUV) it is stated that the groundwater bodies of Murska Kotlina and Dravska a basin in poor chemical status, especially due to nitrate, environmental inspectors will target the major nitrate sources of the Drava and Mura basins. Due to the difficulties in the supply of drinking water in the area, due to the pollution of the aquifers, the action will also include control over the use of water from the 2nd tertiary aquifer of the Drava basin. They will also carry out an action to control illegal wildlife behavior.

In an action to monitor high-voltage transformers whose rated voltage is between 1 kV and kV installed in the area of ​​enhanced radiation protection will be inspected by environmental inspectors, verifying that the first measurements are made for these types of EMS sources and whether their environmental burden with EMS within permitted limits. Such transformers can represent an important source of electromagnetic radiation in the environment.

Text: of the Republic of Slovenia for the environment and space