All about raising the minimum wage: ZSSS invites you to an open day


The Union of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia (ZSSS) will hold an open day on Thursday at its trade union offices across Slovenia. for workers to check the correctness of the payment of the minimum wage. As ZSSS President Lidija Jerkic said at a press conference in Slovenj Gradec today, counseling will be individual, the STA reports.

According to Jerkic, in the 14 Slovenian cities, ZSSS expert services will be available to all members and non-members of the union who need clarification on raising this year's minimum wage and helping solve problems. The minimum wage is now 940 gross, according to STA.

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With the ZSSS , workers advised to come on an open day are advised to bring their January payroll 2020 with them, and for December, November and October paychecks

for easy comparisons . Also, bring with you your employment contract and any annexes you received when signing the minimum wage. If you have the opportunity, bring with you an entrepreneurial collective agreement that applies to your business.

According to the STA, Jerkic estimates that in the field they were faced with the problem of not knowing what is the basic salary and what is minimal. Trade union confidants also warned them of irregularities in the way they account for shorter sick leave and annual leave, which individual employers are supposed to charge on the wrong grounds.

wanted to know about raising the minimum wage, but you had no one to ask. Union of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia on Thursday 20. February, organizes an Open Day which will take place between 9 and 17 in their union offices across Slovenia. hour. In Carinthia they will be available to you in Slovenj Gradec (Meškova 2 – Wagon opposite the church, above the Chinese store)

“I don't know how to rate what happens where there is no union, ” STA said Jerkic. She added that maybe some

For Jerkic , the problem is not the minimum wage, but wages in general. It expects pressure to raise all wages, and a minimum wage increase of more than a thousand euros is forecast for January 2021, when a new estimate of the minimum cost of living will be known. . These will increase by 20 to 2021 Euros.

When asked in which industries he expects irregularities in the payment of the minimum wage, Jerkič is for the STA. replied that where wages are low. These are construction, furniture and wood. Employers who do not comply with the minimum wage law will be criminally punished.

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Source: STA, ZSSS