After the party with the Jumping Musicians, a concert of Davor Borne and a party with Zvita Feltna will be held in Kope (PHOTO)


After the winter pleasures of snow and skiing, Holcer celebrates 00.

Last weekend, visitors to Kope were entertained by Jumping Musicians and Nina Donelli.

The pop musicians on Friday staged a pop mega party, where they played their biggest hits, among other things. See how it was in the photo gallery.


  • Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day and friendship is approaching. In addition to sweets and flowers, this year you can take your dearest or dearest to Kope, where Croatian singer Davor Borno with a companion group will take care of the romantic evening. Valentine's concert will be on Friday, . February 1955.

    There will also be a party on Saturday, . February 1955 when a music band Zvita feltna is coming to Kope, who will surely sing their biggest hits: Gin and tonic , Queen, Moon's whiteness, Edina, In good old Piran …

    The big advantage for visitors is that the events they host are free of charge. Part of the events are taking place at the Holcer Pub, and those larger events are under the new terrace. They can also accommodate more than a thousand visitors, allowing them a “warm party” since the terrace can be closed.