Besides announcing their new Apple iPad Pro, Apple also announced the new Apple Pencil at the event this week and while we do like some of the changes they made to the Apple Pencil, older Apple fans might want to take note of these.

The new Apple Design will have a simpler design which is nice and will support double-tap gestures and wireless charging. You can also charge it by attaching it to the new iPad Pro.

As nice as that sounds, it also means that the Apple Pencil will only be compatible with Apple’s new iPad Pro model. If you have the older iPad Pros, you can only use the older Apple Pencil. That also means that the older iPad Pro users will have to continue to deal with the frustrating charging method of the older Apple Pencil.

So if you want to use the new Apple Pencil, you need to get the new Apple iPad Pro too.

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Allen Barry
Working part-time with CCSentinel since 2012, Barry covers technology and automotive for us. Sometimes he indulges in games when news is slow and gives us some interesting rants in the gaming scene.


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