If you do own an Apple iPad XR, you might want to get a good protective casing for it because it is over once you drop it.

The new Apple iPhone XR was tested by SquareTrade for its drop durability. As usual, the device will be put through different tests, in this case, the phone was supposed to be dropped from a different height to see how much it can take.

Surprisingly, the iPhone XR did not even pass the first back-facing drop from six feet. Upon impact, the back shattered. When the same test was done on the front side, the damage was worse with the glass not only shattering but loosening and breaking the LCD display as well.

The iPhone XS also shattered but it held on longer than the XR. So you might want to get some extra protection for your XR device.

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Allen Barry
Working part-time with CCSentinel since 2012, Barry covers technology and automotive for us. Sometimes he indulges in games when news is slow and gives us some interesting rants in the gaming scene.


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