This week is going to be huge for Apple because, besides the revealing of their new Apple iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and new MacBook, Apple will also be releasing the iOS 12.1 update which is said to be huge.

The update has been in the works since September and it will come with a few important fixes that have been plaguing the new iPhones. A few new features will be coming with the update as well.

One of the fixes will be for the Beautygate issue. Users have reported that taking selfies with the device would lead to too much facial smoothing making the images look over processed. Apple later clarifies that it was just a bug and will be releasing an update to fix it.

The update will also come with the new Group FaceTime feature which was highlighted when Apple first announced the iPhone. Users can expect to see new emojis, dual SIM support, and a few more updates when iOS 12.1 arrives.



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