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Thursday, 18. October 2018, 09.55 PM: It would be a brilliant and is certainly eagerly-awaited Feature: WhatsApp rolls out soon and Update their users with a "vacation mode" will be available. The well-informed Blog "WABetaInfo".

Thus, the function for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. With the mode, individual Chats, such as working groups, to switch on holiday to mute and archive, should it be allows users to. Unlike the already well known Mute-mode would appear in chat, for the the vacation mode would be activated in the Chat Overview for new messages – but in the Background archived.

A regression Screenshot shows how the new function could look like.


the user would then be notified of new messages, and may ignore individual Chats during the holiday better. Practically, this Feature is not only for the vacation time. For contacts with whom you no longer want to chat, would be the "vacation mode" is a good Alternative, to the contact block.

The Feature is based, according to the "WABetaInfo" on the already Android available Silent Mode.

For users, the planned new feature of the holiday mode has already sparked great joy. When exactly the "vacation mode" comes from is not yet clear. In the next few weeks it could be but as far as.

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