Seen from Europe, the balance sheet of the group Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), created in 2009, may leave perplexed. Fiat has lost a lot of ground, Lancia sank, Chrysler no longer exists on the Old Continent, and Alfa Romeo still hasn’t found his second wind. In this panorama in somewhat of a slump, where floats, all the same, Ferrari, Jeep seems to be an exception. The most unexpected. Yesterday souffreteuse, the american brand that, according to Morgan Stanley, is expected to represent alone 70 % of the group’s profits this year, has become the figurehead of FCA. Ten years ago, it produced 337 000 cars ; in 2017, its shipments accounted for 1.7 million vehicles, and the cap of 2 million appears to be on the horizon.

A success which confirms the two sides of the Atlantic and has allowed, in France, to pass sales of 1 464 units in 2010 to over 18,000 in 2018. Too often neglected by her last owners (Chrysler, Daimler and the investment fund Cerberus), Jeep comeback. The manufacturer owes its success to the frenzy of the world for SUV’s but also to its ability to take advantage of the charisma linked to his origins and engines of modern provided by the Fiat group.

The doors removable and the folding windshield of the Wrangler are still there and we can clean the interior with large amounts of water.

Jeep, which nourishes the ambition of impose itself as ” a general practitioner of the SUV “, wants to make the Wrangler, descendant in the direct line of the Willys, a vehicle is certainly atypical, but policed. The new generation of this big 4 × 4 hit in the United States for his skills in the all-terrain and well-known in Europe for his image that is both exotic and rough around the edges is aimed at a wider public, or even family. The use of aluminium makes him lose a small quintal (he accuses all of 2.1 tons on the scale) and its direction, once floating, is consistency. The new diesel engine (2.2 liters for 200 hp in the meantime a 2-litre petrol developing 272 hp) mated to a new automatic transmission in eight reports allows him to win in alertness, while reducing the volume of the sound. The Wrangler still retains the chassis-wide, brakes that still lacks bite, and a look typical Jeep with round headlights, wings prominent and long hood with a grille covering the seven gills are vertical.

A true sense of adventure

Designed to not only appeal to a public of travellers, or of aesthetes, to the Harley-Davidson, the new Wrangler looks after the reception at its edge which is reached by taking support on a footstool. The furniture inside is better cut out, the plastic less rough than in the past and aids in the conduct are subject to a staffing very correct. The doors removable and folding windshield (in France, we will not be able to enjoy it on open road) are still there and we can clean the interior with large amounts of water.

The new friend of the families still imposed suspensions rather hectic, especially on the version-to-chassis short, and longer trips on board do not guarantee a comfortable fleecy, but it gives the Wrangler a true sense of adventure, and that is what you are in search of in a 4 × 4 tradition. The bill is salty : have at least 46 000 euros, a price rise of almost 10 000 euros. It will also need to add the “super-penalty” of 10 500 euros.

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Simultaneously, Jeep renews the motorization of his best-selling book Renegade, a small SUV (4,23 m) much more accessible (from 19 400 euros), which has established itself in the automotive landscape of the european union by its original silhouette, cut to the sickle, but comely. Rather than blend in with the mass of the new 4 × 4 urban. The new three-cylinder petrol 1 litre (120 hp), strong Italian accent, will allow the model not to over-expose themselves to the rigors of the CO2 taxation while adjusting to the movement of the “dédieselisation” in the automotive market. This engine, which is to hear a humming sound rather sympathetic to the acceleration, lack of punch at low revs but has a grip enough to make it fun driving this car. The brand, which is planning to extend down the very prodigal family Renegade, has just announced that a hybrid version rechargeable will be launched in early 2020. The Wrangler, for its part, will have to wait.

While the firms Italian are barely, the onslaught of the american brand is going to accelerate the movement perceptible to the center of gravity of the group FCA. We see the confirmation through the decision to make Motor Village, the place of exposure of the group settled in Paris at the foot of the Champs-Elysees, the showcase of the Fiat and Alfa Romeo, but the only range Jeep.


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