Ibarras body was found early Monday morning in the town of El Rosarito to the West of Mexico, informed the attorney General of the state of Baja California. Her hands and feet were tied, her body with a sheet covered.

her severe injuries indicate she was beaten to death. Since the 19th century. In September she was missed. Ibarra was 44 years old.

The entrepreneur had co-financed the promotion of talented female football players in Mexico is crucial and 2015, helped that Tijuana Femenil was the first Club from Mexico into the U.S. women’s professional League.

At the Club, she also worked as a Chairman and as a trainer. Your niece Fabiola Ibarra took part for Mexico at the FIFA women’s world Cup in Canada in 2015.

so Far there is no information about the motive of their murder. The Prosecutor’s office but excludes a connection with your soccer commitment.

"With the greatest sorrow we learned that our favourite Mar Ibarra has left this world. She was one of the impeller inside of the women’s football, so that all had the opportunity to play that wanted to" the Portal "Campeonas MX in Twitter. The Tijuana player Inglis Hernandez wrote: "I want to run to you and hug you. One day, we will hold the Cup together again."



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