With its four-part erotic novel series with the books “After the Passion”, “After Truth”, “After Love” and “After Forever”, the author Anna Todd is an international Star. At the Frankfurt book fair, Fans should get the Chance to get an autograph of the American, but nothing came of it.

The Heyne publishing house, the books are published in Germany, announced on Friday evening that the scheduled for Saturday reading would be. Anna Todd be had been attacked on Friday evening in the Lobby of your hotel by a group of men verbally violent. The incident would not have taken so that they feel safe at the fair. The police said on Sunday only, it will determine whether harassment or insult.

With the “image”newspaper has spoken to the American writer about the experience. Thus, it was with your agent, Manager and some employees in the Bar of the Marriott Hotels in which they had stayed. A group of drunken men, without being asked, stepped up to their table. They had asked the men, but they responded with insults: “you said we were just ‘stupid American women’, ‘get education’, ‘out with you guys from Europe, you belong here’, ‘skin and kill a few people’, ‘you are pathetic and embarrassing’, ‘no one wants you…’ and we could ausjammern Yes in #metoo campaign”, – quotes the “Bild”newspaper.

criticism of the police and Security

The Hotel Security came to multiple appeals, however, initially only between the two groups. Anna Todd I then contacted the police, but the have not replied that it was an emergency.

Finally, the Security had thrown the men out of the way – but only from the Bar. You are come back, and have re-ordered alcoholic beverages. To pressure the actress and the Hotel Management have called in finally to the police.

In the report of the police reads: “officers were called around 4 o’clock in the Hotel, as it came to be a verbal dispute between two groups of people. As the police officers in the Hotel arrived was found only one of the groups. A 29-year-old American gave a complaint for insult. The police has started the investigation into the backgrounds and motivations of the insult.“

“I think it’s scary,”

In the “image”newspaper criticized Anna Todd the officials: “I have recorded several Videos. However, the police told me that if I post it on Social Media, get me my phone.“ The Videos several verbal attacks were heard.

Todd: “Even if it was not a physical attack, such conduct is still unacceptable.” It was scary and not a good Signal that the men were allowed to stay in spite of their harassment in the Bar.

a spokeswoman for the hotel commented on the incident: “More than that, there has been an incident, we can’t say, unfortunately”, – quotes the “Bild”newspaper.

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