Four days have passed since the Bayern-election. Ten days to the Hesse-choice. It is the time in which usually only a choice-winner in front of the television cameras, because each party is talking nicely, what is actually coaxing beautiful. These times of the great Gähnens are over. This is an amazing, but also a very obvious result of the past election on Sunday. Germany has changed, because Germany, too, has changed. The direction of change remains to be seen. FOCUS Online

“, You can watch the Ancient to Disappear,”

It is, actually, a thrilling Thursdays-Talk, the ZDF with “maybrit illner”. The moderation to be received dramatically. “You can watch the Traditional when you Disappear,” says the presenter, and not at all moderate. And: “success has a mother, many fathers, failure only one.” And also: The government parties have tried to ride more, “even though you shot the horse under the butt”.

“The AfD is a right-wing radical party…”

Where lies buried the horse (or dog), revealed Alexander Dobrindt. The head of the CSU land group in Berlin charged in the talk round. He tells the story of a middle-class majority in his home country. Green party Chairman Robert Habeck reacted immediately and violently. A civil bearing, with the involvement of AfD? “You break the dams!”, he attacked Dobrindt. The CSU land group chief tries squirming. But Habeck bite, pushes back to the white-and-blue nice calculation. “The AfD is not a civil party,” Habeck. Finally Dobrindt back row. “The AfD is a right-wing radical party”, the CSU-man finally. And Habeck reported the CSU-arithmetic “may not have won the civil camp, but that’s nonsense!”

radicalism? The SPD, smiling

no one has to like the AfD. But the new party, the feeds for the first time, with 22 deputies in the Bavarian state Parliament-that is, with as many as the oldest party of Germany, the SPD, is a challenge to the Democrats. The Green Habeck takes the challenge and calls for radicalism. CSU-man Dobrindt soaked. Also his defence of the CSU party Chairman Horst Seehofer is matt: “He is a CSU-Chairman – today.” And Olaf Scholz? The SPD Vice-Chancellor, of witnessing the crash of his former people’s party and 9.7 percent, and had to suffer, smiles a lot in the Talk-Show.

“Personnel changes are not enough,” says the expert

As an expert in the Thursday Talk, Ursula has invited Münch, Professor and Director of the Academy for Political education. “The weakness is in all of the visible,” analyzes the political scientist, “you want the parties to take care of and not to.” She adds: “the Personnel changes are not enough”, and then appends: “For God’s sake…”, the election in Hesse will take place on the day of the Lord. If then the days of the Chancellor in Berlin are finally counted? At the Moment, very much speaks to that.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Prince Harry king breaks the rules and the young woman embraces the Best offer on soctv

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