The question was Yes, how long Stefan Raab endures it without applause. Almost three years ago, he moderated, for the last Time on television. Then he pulled back. Raab vanished from the Public because he was not yet 50 years old. It was a more consistent finish. “TV Total” TV-Zero.

With a suit and tie and returned to Raab at the Lanxess-Arena in Cologne now on the stage. Show trainee Elton shouted quickly, his merits for the German television into the microphone: “impact jump den Raab”, “bundesvision Song Contest”, “Wok WM”, “tower”. Numerous songs as a singer or a music producer. A fucking genius, a madman, somehow.

To the truth but, as well, that Raab’s lust was at the end of his TV career loser. The announced Comeback sound like a promise. In a Video of the booking of the tickets, he staged the same time as Jesus, freshly risen from the dead. The naturally arouses expectations. It must be a break not the same, you think, but that Raab breaks the conventional rules of a stage show is something you hoped.

Raab in the hall: The Grin is still there.

“We have time”

The first appearance of Stefan Raab after a long time. How does it work? What is he going to deliver? Quick Check: The wide Grin is still there. The hair is a bit less, for he has put on in the face.

What he has planned for the 14,000 spectators, you can not say, but also to three hours. It is not a Stand-up, not a real concert, on a one-player, as with his TV show dispensed with to a large extent.

Raab strolls prefer it over the stage. Chats. Harmless Stuff. To believe in the beginning it is a never-ending warm-up program. “We have time,” says Raab at some point.

in Between, prominent guests randomly on the stage and make music: Carolin Kebekus covert Helene Fischer. Stefanie Heinzmann and Max Mutzke sing a ballad. Sido, Luke Mockridge, Teddy Teclebrhan. Finally, The dead trousers “Bonnie & Clyde play”.

This Show is nowhere

The Whole thing is reminiscent of the birthday party of a very rich teenager who has bought everything for a successful party, at the Party, but just don’t want to kindle wants. There is no pyrotechnics helps. Raab moderated casually. Sometimes he gets confused in the process.

It is so: The program “Stefan Raab Live!” has no clear structure, no surprising actions, no competition, no ambition. The Show’s going nowhere. The celebrity guests will stay pale until the few sentences after your songs and even silent.


to the rooms Themselves, a rather obvious idea, out of his entertainment Repertoire of the past few years, at least, a solid nostalgia Show, not interested in Raab. His Hits such as “Wadde had a dudde da” or “the mouse” comes rarely to produce on the stage of heat. Maybe it’s because he had to be in his role as a Moderator and never approachable. But as an artist, without television cameras Raab has to act any different. “You may like to sway,” he calls into the audience.

A quick glance at the notes you made just before: “Missing a guy like Raab German television?”, there is. You want to know this evening of course. Farewell to Raab felt at the time, namely, just as a king would have abolished the monarchy. And a little bit of it was this: The station ProSieben divided Raab’s show Empire. Programmes and broadcasting times awarded to other moderators. The success until today is manageable.

Nevertheless, Raab remains in the current state of his TV-suitability of guilty. The Problem was never that you trust Raab, the everything. The Problem to be lack of interest. Apparently Raab was not able to inspire himself for his Shows. Exactly, a distinction his ambition and absolute will of him of many moderators.

May need a bit of care

Still, Raab has been especially in the mood for music. It shows in Cologne. The Rest is him, possibly a bit no matter. Raab was on this evening, always at its best when he sang with his former show band’s heavy sound. In addition, he played piano, saxophone, guitar, percussion, Talkbox. At the end of the Show his own Version of Udo Jürgens’ “But please with cream”.

“I always have to make bullshit. The not stop also. I could go on for hours,” he says shortly before the end.

Raab has tried everything in television and maxed out. He has also achieved everything. His first big stage show will convince you, however, probably only the Hardcore Fans. A little more courage would have been nice. Maybe that annoys him. Then Raab is something, which brings him quickly back in the Public: would have been a challenge.


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