Moderator Horst Lichter wanted to know how Lück came to the unusual, something in the years come movie screening plant. Because dished up the Comedian, in the presence of the surrounding audience, a pretty hair-raising story. He went to walk one day in the village of Wandlitz, near Berlin, where once the Communist party leadership lived in the former GDR. And in this walk he had found “somewhere in a corner,” said Lück.

He then “dug and I dug out the complete. It was a box of diaries, I’ve thrown away,“ he claimed about the alleged discovery.

rarity from the 50s

Horst Lichter asked, just in disbelief: “no, not now…”, as Lück gave a broad grin, that the story was of course invented free to do to its rarity even more interesting and to drive up the price, possibly even more in height. The money wanted to donate to the Comedian for a charitable purpose.

“The true story is that it is a in the GDR-made wall theater system. I have to get a gift from a dear friend, a camera man,“ said the 60-Year-old. For many years it had then been with him at home. Now his 13-year-old son’s wishes, but a larger children’s room and the wall of the cinema had to soft. ZDF / Screenshot Ingolf Lück takes the perspective of the left Handed.

lights wanted to know from the experts Sven Deutschmanek again more precisely: “Can be the thing of Honecker personally?”, he asked. Hardly, replied in the negative and explained: “With the GDR, it’s all good.” Lücks system is a so-called TK 35. “The Foundation of the former GDR in 1949, it was not everywhere, light houses.” That’s why they had traveled with these wall systems across the country, and have presented films and the until shortly before the turn.

“It may be that this is a private film of Honecker’s private party”

Lück noted that even old rolls of film were that were maybe Surprises. “It can be, of course, that this is a private film of Honecker’s private party,” he joked.

expert Deutschmanek no longer ruled, however, that the condition of the wall cinema, which he dated to the mid-50s, was “so pretty”. The value he estimated, nevertheless, solely for decorative reasons on 600 Euro.

Also, the dealers were not fond of Lücks rarity, although this is more functional. The price obtained cannot complain Lück: Wolfgang Pauritsch got at the end of the contract for 850 Euro. All of the money donated Lück the “Foundation moments” for children born with Spina bifida – an open back. Lück is the patron of the Foundation and adopted the distribution from the dealers with the words: “you have done Good!”

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