From the 22. up to 29. September it went from Mallorca to Corsica, Rome, Florence and Barcelona. A passenger told the "image" however, now that aboard anything other than cozy holiday scenes. 300 guests were infected with the gastrointestinal illness Norovirus. This leads to severe diarrhea and a surge-like vomiting.

to Put passengers, they had three hours to wait until you could treat the doctor. Then you &quot had to;once again, four to five hours in the room" wait "until the doctor finally came", described the passenger of the "image". The doctor, however, had only a few minutes of time and the patient only suppositories spread.

passengers had to AIDA ship earlier

The Virus is transmitted from person to person. For this reason, those passengers, the infected had to stay in their cabins – they had only dry bread and water in the room. Cab letters, the existence of the "image", should have given the cruise-guests of Hygiene tips.

In the port in Mallorca, arrived all the guests had to leave earlier than intended to Land, the Crew was able to perform a great cleaning action.

"We should be accommodated to the departure in a Finca", said the Berlin-based compared to the "image", "wanted to put all of the sick and the Healthy in the same buses. We have been concerned at their own cost, earlier return flights."

AIDA position

On request by FOCUS Online it said: "in Spite of our high standards of hygiene on Board AIDAprima gastro-intestinal occurred-infections among the passengers. After the first suspected cases immediately enhanced hygiene measures on Board AIDAprima has been initiated."

Therefore, we have on 29. September 2018, cleaned all the cabins and the public areas of intensive. "Because while this measure does not have a passenger on Board is allowed to be, we have the arrival and departure of our guests of AIDAprima in Palma de Mallorca according to and at the time of adjusted." All arrival and departure passengers had been informed by the company.

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