It looks like Volkswagen is going to take their autonomous driving plan one step further as the company announced that they will be working with Mobileye and Champion Motors to launch an autonomous ride-hailing service in Isreal.

The service will use only Volkswagen-made electric vehicles while the tech itself will come from Mobileye. Volkswagen also confirms that the vehicles will have a Level autonomous tech.

The company that will be running the operation and making sure the vehicles are is good conditions will be Champion Motors. Isreal government has promised to offer legal and regulatory support and traffic date when needed which makes it one of the best place to start.

The project will start next year and will be rolled out in stages. Volkswagen is hoping that the dozens will eventually be hundreds of EV vehicles on the road by 2022. What they did not reveal was what model they will be using for the service.

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Allen Barry
Working part-time with CCSentinel since 2012, Barry covers technology and automotive for us. Sometimes he indulges in games when news is slow and gives us some interesting rants in the gaming scene.


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