If you are looking for a Tesla Model 3 with more range but can’t really afford to get the top of the range model, Tesla might have something for you now.

The electric automaker has just added another version of the Model 3 to their website. The new model is described as a model with a mid-range battery that would be able to offer about 260miles of range. That is 50miles less than the more expensive Tesla Model 3.

The new version will have a delivery period of six weeks to ten weeks which means customers that get it now will be eligible for the current $7500 US tax credit. That will drop by half on the 1st of January next year and that will be half again mid next year.

The mid-range model will retail for $45,000. Some people are still waiting for Tesla to offer the base-level version. They did say that they would manufacture it this year so we will have to wait and see.


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