With the current Tesla Autopilot system, the vehicle will have to stick the lane that it is on and keep with it but the new update from Tesla will allow the vehicle to do more than just that.

The new update will bring Tesla’s new Navigate features to the Autopilot. Tesla is calling it an active guidance feature and it will work with the navigation and autopilot feature which will then allow it to follow the directions given.

With the update, the vehicle will be able to take off-ramps, lane change and also choose the right highway interchange and exit. Drivers will need to confirm the lane change first by using the turn stalk but Tesla is also working to have the system work without that in the future similar to that BMW is using right now.

The system will come with four settings for speed-based lane changes starting from mild, average, mad max and off. Navigate will only be available with Tesla’s Enhance Autopilot setup as it will need to use the ultrasonic sensors, radar, camera, and machine learning to function.


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