While the seats of the vehicle are important, it is not really something that people take note of and make their decision based on which is why it is surprising to hear how much effort Lexus put into making their ES seat right.

According to Lexus, they wanted their ES seat to offer the ideal support and comfort for their customers. After three years of development, they finally have something that they can feel proud to show.

Lexus added that people will instantly notice that your posture will feel just right the moment you take a seat. There is no need to move around to find the right spot. Another thing that they worked on was to make sure that the seat fits users of all sizes.

The end result is seats that would keep the driver at ease no matter the speed and car movements.

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Allen Barry
Working part-time with CCSentinel since 2012, Barry covers technology and automotive for us. Sometimes he indulges in games when news is slow and gives us some interesting rants in the gaming scene.


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