Telluride Horizon Roamer

Kia was at SEMA where they showed off a few of their modified models including a Stinger, K900 and more but on top of that, we were got to see the teasers for the upcoming Kia Tellurides.

A total of 4 Tellurides were shown all with their own style. The Horizon Roamer will come with a snorkel and a huge LED light bar on the roof. According to Kia, the Horizon Roamer is all about the Rubicon trail.

Then there is the Cadet Leader which was modified for the trailblazing kind of off-road. The vehicle was given a green and black paint on the outside. The third concept was the Desert Drifter. It was painted a sandy desert color to match the name and was also fitted with LEDs in the front.

The final model will be the Baja Glider that came with a front tube bumper, slid plate and a black exterior for a more toned down look. Which of these is your favorite?


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