After all the speculations and spy images, we are finally getting close to seeing the Wrangler-based Jeep Scrambler as it was revealed that Jeep will be showing off the truck at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

We did not hear it from Jeep but according to the press release for the show, it doe say that there will be a pickup truck from Jeep. Since it is based on the Wrangler, we already can predict some details about the truck but a lot of it is still a mystery. It should be offered with the V6 and turbo four-cylinder engine coming from the Wrangler and maybe a diesel in the future.

The press release also reveals some other models that will be heading to LA including the Audi E-Tron GT four-door concept, a new concept for Mitsubishi while Hyundai will be showing off an all-new model.

The LA Auto Show will be happening next month.


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