There is nothing worse than feeling the effects of motion sickness mid-drive but that might not be a problem that JLR vehicle owners will have to worry about in the future as JLR reveals their plan to solve that issue.

According to JLR, future models will be able to tell if the passenger is feeling unwell and adjust the vehicle’s setting to combat motion sickness. By conducting a motion-sickness research, JLR manages to come out with an algorithm that will generate a wellness score for the passenger.

Using that, they are hoping to automatically personalize a vehicle’s driving and cabin setting to reduce the effect. It made sense that JLR will go down that route since current models like the Jaguar E-Pace also comes with a feature to combat nausea thanks to the 26 seat configuration and Adaptive Dynamics.

We do not know when these upgrade will be applied to the Jaguar Land Rover but it should not be too far away.

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Allen Barry
Working part-time with CCSentinel since 2012, Barry covers technology and automotive for us. Sometimes he indulges in games when news is slow and gives us some interesting rants in the gaming scene.


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